Saturday, May 8, 2010

Say What?

Jake & Mallory are at the age of discovery when it comes to words. They crack me up daily with the things they say, or try to say. It feels like, almost overnight, we went from babies who only babbled to miniature adults who speak in phrases. There's still plenty of babbling & gibberish, but I'm recognizing more & more words in the midst of it.
One of Jake's favorite things to do these days is to randomly start naming off the people he knows. He loves to point to whomever is in his presence while labeling "Mommy," "Mal-Mal," "Daddy," etc. Pictures are also fun for him to point out people, & he loves to name his grandparents. Mal isn't quite as keen to perform when we ask her to say people's names, but she'll do it randomly when she sees someone she knows. She likes for us to remember that she's no trained monkey!
This week, I've been talking to them about their names. They like to point to themselves & say their names, & with prompting, they'll repeat their first, middle & last name after me.
The names of animals & the sounds they make are a big hit in our house. Cats, bunnies, dogs, ducks, turtles & cows are some of their many favorites. When Mallory meows like a cat, she scrunches up her face & sort of rolls her eyes back as she says it, which is hilarious every time.
Both kids have also gotten a lot better at naming objects while we're going through our day. Some common ones are car, juice, chair, couch, ball, puzz (puzzle), diaper, tee (TV), flower, grass, tree, stroller, swing, slide & bib.
These simple words are great little milestones for them, but the funnier things they say usually come out when they're imitating us. Mallory has started reaching up her arms & saying "hold you" in a pitiful voice when she wants to be held. This morning when she did this & I picked her up, she then said "baby" because she wanted me to cradle her & pretend she was a baby.
If either kid is looking for something or someone, they'll throw their hands in the air, palms up, & say "Where ___ go?"
We've become pros at "please" & "thank you", so we've started working on "excuse me" & "you're welcome." Jake can say "I love you," but it takes a trained ear to recognize it. They've also learned to say "bible" recently & love to exclaim "Amen!" when we end a prayer.
And of course, they're very good at demanding what they want with things like "outside," "snack" & their version of "stairs."
Jake is really into letters & numbers & loves to repeat them after you when you point to them in a book. Mal likes to count with you, but most of it is gibberish with the exception of the number 2, which is her favorite.I'm sure I'm forgetting some of the things they say, but I wanted to record at least some of it to be able to look back on later.


Hattie said...

It is so precious to hear them say our names. I especially love it when they say Charlotte's name!

Kim said...
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AmyB said...

So cute! Love the pics too.