Saturday, May 29, 2010

As Good As It Gets

For two almost two-year-olds, getting to go swimming & then eating PB&J outside in just your swim diapers is a really good day.

Here's a little peek at the fun. Mal is constantly dancing & singing to herself, which cracks me up.

These were taken on Wednesday, & we decided that it was such a good plan for our day that we repeated it on Thursday. You've got to love a season that allows you to forgo clothing your children!


Tom and Nancy said...

At around 32 seconds into the video, I can hear Mallory say, "Mallory will get it". Sweet little voice.

Jodi said...

Good grief, they are just too cute for words!!!! You are such a great Mommy... it shines from those little sweeties in every picture and every video. Love ya!!