Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Cabin in the Woods

For my fellow CDR alum, you'll know the classic silly song to which my title refers. Everyone else, just move right along. :)

Justin & I spent last weekend relaxing, just the two of us, in a cabin in southeast Oklahoma, just outside Beaver's Bend State Park. I grew up going to Beaver's Bend for our church's annual family retreat, so I'm very familiar with the area, but this was my first time to stay in a cabin there instead of an RV. We dropped Jake & Mal off in Paris with my parents & then arrived late Thursday night to our cozy little abode.
The cabin was one big room, serving as bedroom, kitchen & living room, plus a bathroom. It wouldn't have been ideal if we'd brought the kids, but it was perfect for us.

A major plus was the hot tub on a covered deck outside, which we got to enjoy even when it was pouring rain.
The little creek that ran behind our cabin
Although our accommodations were equipped with kitchen supplies so you could prepare meals, we opted to eat out & just be lazy. We did get some outdoor exercise, though! On Friday, we rented a canoe & took a four mile trip down the Mountain Fork river. Justin, being the optimistic guy he is, insisted on taking his phone so we'd have a way to take pictures. Because, you know, there's no way we were going to turn the canoe over. Wrong! Most of the trip was pretty mild, but there was one area with a little waterfall that had a 3-foot drop. One minute, we were navigating nicely & the next minute, I found myself in icy cold water. It was very shallow, so I stood with my feet planted as firmly as possible on the slippery river rocks, holding J's phone high above my head as he maneuvered our canoe, now full of water, over to the shore. J worked diligently the rest of the weekend to revive his phone, & it did start working again but several buttons remained on the fritz, so he had to get a new one this week.

The first part of the river had tons of rocks sticking up out of the water, & we saw lots of turtles sunbathing.

This is our only action shot. I didn't manage to get a picture of J before the waterfall incident.
On Saturday, we took a short hike in Beaver's Bend & then just hung out around our cabin that afternoon.After going out for pizza that night, J beat me by only two strokes at putt-putt. Playing mini golf has become sort of a random tradition for us on some of our lower-key vacations.Sunday we were sad to end our relaxing weekend but excited to get back to our kiddos.
Thanks, sweetie, for a fun trip!


Life as a Spencer! said...

Ohh...I love this. Please send me the details for the accomodations...I would love to look into it! Glad you got a little getaway!

Hattie said...

A relaxing weekend sounds amazing about now! I am so glad you got to get away together.

Kim said...

How FUN (minus tipping the canoe)!! Glad you had a fun getaway!