Friday, November 13, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Lately, the twins' names seem to be Pete & Repeat, but which name belongs to which twin changes constantly. They love to be where the other one is, doing what the other one is doing most of the time.
If Mal chooses to read books under the high chairs, Jake decides he might need some reading time, too.
If Mal climbs on the table, Jake is soon to follow (although I don't have a picture of him). For this reason, the table has been relocated to the other side of the playroom, away from the gate to the stairs, so they don't figure out how to climb up & over!
If Jake wants to watch Elmo, Mal just might want to watch with him.
And of course, anyone sitting at the table needs company!
Even if the activity seems a little odd like, say, wearing a fleece turban that Daddy made from Halloween scraps...

...surely it's worth imitating.
Although sometimes Jake loves Mal a little more than Mal loves Jake, they usually get along pretty well & prefer to be side by side.


Hollie said...

Your kiddos are always dressed so cute! Kudos to their stylist! Any recommendations for places or websites to shop?

Hayley said...

This cracks me up because I JUST posted a very similar post on my blog. Too funny!

AmyB said...


Three Scobeys said...

Those turbans! Ahahahaha! I love them.

Hattie said...

Too adorable!