Thursday, November 19, 2009

15 Month Stats

As of Sunday, Jake & Mallory are 15 months old. Time flies with two busy toddlers!

Jake now weighs 21 lb 2 oz (8%) & is 29.75 inches tall (11%). As always, his head is his highest percentage at 77%.
Jake is looking more & more like a little boy instead of a baby each day. He is constantly on the move & loves to run. He is our shy child when in new places or situations, but he's a big talker at home. He says Da-da, Ma-ma, Mal Mal, Jake (usually Jake Jake, for some reason), done-done (all done), hi, shh (shoe) & bye-bye. His "hi" is hilarious because it's become this big, Southern sounding "Haaaaaii," which has multiple syllables. He just got his seventh tooth this week. Jake loves to read & be read to, & he is the best hug-giver. He gives them over & over throughout the day & says "Ohhh" every time he hugs you. But watch out for his kisses - they're usually open-mouthed! My dainty little Mallory now weighs 18 lb 4 oz (<5%) & is 29.25 inches tall (15%). Her head is holding strong at 76%.
Mal has become such a funny, spirited little girl. She giggles constantly & loves to do just about anything that will get a laugh. She is our social butterfly & loves to talk to anyone who will listen. Mal says Da-da, Ma-Ma, Jake, uh-oh, up, go & shh (shoe) most often, but she also picks up all kids of words that we say & repeats them. One night during bath time, Justin asked if they were ready to get clean & Mal responded, "All right!" Yesterday, when looking out the window at Ms. Amy's apartment, she exclaimed, "Woo-wee!" She literally keeps us laughing all day long & is well aware of the fact that she's funny. Mallory's new favorite game is Ring Around the Rosie, & she thinks it's hysterical each time Mommy falls down.
I could go on about each of them, of course, but I'll leave you with that. We love our two angels so much & are so blessed to have them!

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Hattie said...

I love your sweet kids! They are such a joy!