Monday, November 2, 2009

A Modern Stone-Age Family

I can't believe that Halloween has already come & gone! Saturday night, we hosted our annual small group costume party, which is always such fun. It was a small crowd this year, but we had a great time & also got to enjoy watching an exciting Texas football game during our evening!

Each year, I love coming up with our costume ideas, & we never want to spend much on our apparel, so it's always a fun, creative challenge! This year, we chose to go as The Flintstones! The wonderful Kathy Johnston (aka Grammy) sewed our costumes & helped me shop for supplies. I just had to add the finishing touches. Thanks Kathy!

A cute little Pebbles inspecting her bucket before trick-or-treating
An equally cute Bam Bam with his club
We only went to a few houses, but they loved trick-or-treating just because they got to run around outside. We went early, so there weren't any bigger kids to run them over.
What's better than one candy bucket? Two!
Our party food: little mummies....
spider breadsticks...
and longhorn cookies! (among other things) Hattie made these cute cookies, & they were very yummy!
Pebbles & Bam Bam - trying to get them to pose for me was next to impossible!
They weren't too keen on smiling for a family shot either. Even Pebbles & Bam Bam need a stern talking to every once in a while!
That's better! Bam Bam, Fred, Wilma & Pebbles
Mark was a baker, & Hattie has a bun in the oven!
Garrett & Amy were the couple from the Snuggie infomercials.

Hattie let the kids play with her oven after she was done wearing it, & it was a big hit! It took them about two minutes to tear it up. :)
I hope that everyone had a very happy Halloween!


AmyB said...

Oh my goodness...the Flinstones were way too cute this year! Did they kidnap Bam-bam from Barney and Betty? ;) Love it...also loved the Snuggie couple! Too creative! You'll have to help me think up a fun trio for next year.

Newberry said...

Very cute, Allison! You did great on the costumes. Your kids look adorable :)

Kim said...

You guys are adorable!! Great costumes!`

Hattie said...

We had a great time. Thanks for hosting!

(That Crazy Fish Family) said...

I was trying google to see if my blog came up, and I came across yours. We did the exact same Halloween theme, although you guys looked much better! Great job on the costumes!