Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Carpet & Nursery Furniture

Last week we finally got our new carpet installed in the living room, hallway & bedrooms. Just that one little change makes the house feel so much nicer. I HATED our old carpet, & it looked terrible, so I'm very pleased with the change. J was in charge of taking pictures of this process since I was at work, but they aren't that exciting. I guess there's not really much to see in that kind of project, though.

Moving on to better things, the main reason I was super anxious to get the carpet in was that we had to get that done before we could assemble the nursery furniture. It has been crammed in our garage & an extra closet for a few weeks now, but now it's in place! J did all of the heavy lifting, of course, but I'm a very good supervisor.

Two cribs translates into a whole lot of parts!

My highly technical contribution: removing styrofoam from the drawers & handing J the parts he needed.

J put Mallory's crib together in about an hour without any re-dos being necessary, so I thought that was pretty impressive.

Always the competitor, though, he actually timed himself on putting Jake's together to see how fast he could do it. He managed in 35 minutes! Most people don't get to improve their time since they only have one crib.

My highlight of this week was meeting this little guy. Riley is Jake's future best friend & Mallory's future husband. There's nothing wrong with arranged marriages, right?

Congrats Russell & Sarah!

We have another sonogram tomorrow, so I can't wait to see our little ones again & find out how much they've grown. Bye for now!


Russell and Sarah said...

I didn't know that J timed himself...he needs to find a new hobby! Also, that Riley is a pretty cute little guy. He must have pretty cute parents! : )

Jodi said...

Yay for cute furniture! Great Job, Justin! :)

And we are ALL about arranged marriages in our house too... since becoming a Mom, I've decided we really need to look into that as a society...

Love you! Looking forward to sonogram news!

Amy Mc. said...

the cribs look great in the nursery. It is starting to all come together.

The Chamblees said...

Okay, an hour for the first one and 35 for the second? Tell J I said that's pitiful. But, I still love him. Sorry I couldn't be there to help with the flooring project this weekend. (Laughing quietly) ;-) Hope your shower was fabulous, now that you've gotten all tht stuff you can let us know something you still really need. See, it WAS intentional. Love ya.

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

what cute furniture! I think arranged marriages are great so then you and sarah will know that the in-laws ROCK!