Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nesting...Chamblee Style

I've often heard that a pregnant woman begins to "nest" about a week or so before she goes into labor. When you have two parents-to-be who are as organized & plan-oriented as J & I are, this period of nesting extends significantly. As you've seen in recent blogs, we've had quite a few home improvement projects in the works lately. This, along with his infamous lists & spreadsheets, is how I think nesting translates for J. Whatever the cause, I am certainly grateful. Our house has never looked so great! He even came up with a new project last night that he's taking on. I promise I didn't suggest it! I'll have pics of that soon.

We have also learned that, when you're expecting babies, you get excited about things you might not have thought were that cool before. Case in point: check out our newest purchase, an extra freezer for the laundry room. My goal over the next few weeks is to stock it with casseroles, spaghetti sauce, etc. so that I'll have plenty on hand for a while.

This one isn't a purchase of ours, but I'm definitely excited about it. J's parents told us they would buy us a chair for the nursery as our baby gift, & I love what we ended up with. Both the chair & ottoman glide & are so comfy. Thanks Gary & Karen!

The nursery has lots of fun new things in it lately, & we're slowly getting everything in place. This picture was taken on Father's Day, which was right after my shower, so everything was still everywhere.

Here is a closer shot of the bedding, for those who wanted to see it. I don't have Jake's bumper yet, but you get the idea from Mallory's.

And, of course, there's always something fun to put together, like our double stroller, which was a gift from my parents. J drove it around the living room to demonstrate his craftsmanship for me when he got done. He now has a pack & play & two bouncy seats waiting on him & will soon have a joggging stroller as well. No rest for the weary!

Okay, I'm sure you're tired of reading by now, so last picture. Here's me at 29 weeks. I had an appointment with my OB today, & we're all doing great. The next sonogram will be on July 10th.


Hayley said...

Glad things are going so well!

Kaela said...

Oh, Alli, I can't believe how beautiful you look! Prengancy looks good on you! I just can't wait to meet my honorary niece and nephew. And I LOVE the baby beds, they are gorgeous!!

I keep meaning to call you and apologize for missing your shower, but I am thinking about it now and so I will tell you via blogspot comment. I was on vacation that weekend and for some reason got the weekends mixed up.

I love you and we need to get together soon before you are too busy for me!

Paige said...

What an exciting time for both of you! Everything seems to be coming together. Stocking the freezer is a great idea. We did that as well and it helped out so much. Glad everthing is going well. You look great!

Hattie said...

We are so glad that things are going great for you. You both are so blessed!

Tammy said...

Wow! You look so good! Your nursery is adorable also! I just found your blog for the first time today. I'm glad I found it because I want to keep up with you. Love you girl!

Lacey said...

Hey Allison!
Your mom mentioned to mine that you have a blog and passed that news on to me. You look like you're doing wonderful and the babies' room looks great! Congratulations- you are going to be excellent mama!
Lacey Welch

Sarah W said...

YAY!!! I found you. yes yes yes. I was planning on calling your mom to get your address this week! You look so gorgeous. I can't wait to see those babies!

Jodi said...

Yay! Looks like you guys are the PERFECT nesters. Want to make a quick trip to my house for a few projects and organization?!?! :)

Btw, you look absolutely gorgeous. Of course. Hope you still feel it because you certainly look it!


AmyB said...

Can't wait to see all the home improvements. We just drool over those these days. And where do you find such cute prego clothes?? Let us know if you need help with anything!

Mom said...

Hello from Idaho! Love your blogspot! Love, Nancy, Gianna,Frieda and Mom