Friday, June 20, 2008

The Floors are Complete!!!

This is Justin...

After two and a half long days of work by me and my dad last weekend, the hardwood floors are now complete. It was quite the job and we did not move as quickly as we expected, but we are very pleased with the end result. For any future hardwood installers, beware of the glue. That stuff sticks to EVERYTHING. I had a bit of warning in regards to this prior to starting, but did not think too much of it...should have. Here are some picks of the floors.


The Installation Process

The disaster which was our house.

Me hard at work. At this point we had the first two rows laid and thought this project was going to be really quick (Friday morning)!

My Dad hard at work.

Our cutting station. Thanks to Mark Fowler for allowing us to borrow his dad's compound mitre saw!

We are getting near the end here and are just about spent (Saturday evening).

After the hardwoods are laid, then you have to go back and scrape up all the excess glue. Once again...the dreaded glue! Sorry for the was hot.

Well, I don't think I will be laying hardwoods again for a while, but it was a good project and I now can walk through the front of the house and feel quite accomplished. Also, it was a fun way to spend father's day....working hard side-by-side with my dad! Thanks for all your help!


Russell and Sarah said...

The floors look great J! Can't wait to see it in person.

Hattie said...

Justin did a wonderful job! They look wonderful!

Jacob said...

Quite impressive!