Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Outtakes from the Beach

With a family the size of ours, & as many little ones as we have, our photo sessions usually have more "bloopers" than keepers.  Here are few, for your amusement.

Justin always has to test our chosen spot once he gets the camera set up, which results in some awkward looking photos of him by himself...
or perhaps with another test subject.
Most of us are doing all right in this one, but check out Jake & Mallory.
This is more typical for our kids than perfectly posed smiles.
Bored, annoyed & held captive
But the outtakes also capture some sweet shots here & there, like this one!
And this, which is one of my faves from this year
The boys' shirts were removed for popsicle eating, & somehow we ended up at belly bumping.
And a couple more of Jake, who always provides more than his fair share of less-than-perfect pictures.

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