Monday, June 18, 2012

Beach Days

Get ready, folks; here comes our week at the beach!

This view through the window was the closest we got to the beach on our first full day.  The storms were too strong to go out at all, & the forecast threatened to keep us inside all week.
So that first day was spent with many distractions, like movie watching...
craft time...
& iPad games.  The grown-up girls occupied ourselves with our annual Phase 10 game.  It's a really good excuse to push off the kid duty to the guys.
Then on Monday, the skies cleared & God blessed us with a beautiful beach day!  These boys had their game faces on.
Ready, set, dig!
The right side of this house was our home for the week.  With eight adults & six kids, we filled it up!  The large tent in front of the house was supposed to be for a wedding our neighbors had scheduled for Sunday, the day with the terrible storms.  Luck was not on their side for that one, & they ended up finding an indoor space elsewhere.
One of many trips down to the water to fill buckets
Mimi & her girls
Sweet Beau's big, toothy grin
Girls' Night! We enjoyed good food, great conversation & a rather entertaining trip to the local Wal-Mart.
Uncle Ryan did a lot of fishing...
and Aunt Amy managed to catch one with her bare hands!  She wins way more "cool mom" points than I ever will.
What one kid tries...
the others will soon want in on.
Mal & Ella playing queen of the mountain
Beautiful Ella
Jake daring a wave to come & get him
Beau testing the water
He quickly decided that he absolutely loved it!  It was actually hard to keep him from diving right in.  He was in heaven!
Popsicles are a must at the beach
Jake & Mal taking an evening stroll
Even on vacation, you sometimes just need a good cry.  Talking it out with a cousin works wonders.
Much better!
Cute girls with cute braids...& some minor wardrobe malfunctions
A pretty smile from Miss Belle
Reading time with Mimi under the spiral staircase, which is always more fun than sitting on the couch
Getting three wiggly boys on the alligator at once is quite the feat!
Aunt Rachel & Beau were best buddies all week & got lots of cuddle time together.
J wrestling the alligator
Uncle Mark & Uncle Ryan worked hard on a sand castle with all of the kids.
Silly girl
J decided to become a mountain man & grow a beard while we were there.  In this pic, he looks more like a crazy man.
Once the frame-worthy pics were done, he had a little fun & sported a sweet 'stache for the last two days.  Creeper!  Seriously, what mother would let her children hang out with this guy?
Beau & Daddy bracing for a wave
So much fun!
After wondering how much time we'd actually get to spend enjoying the beach between rain storms, we ended up with an absolutely gorgeous week.  It was a little cooler than usual because of the storms we got at night, so that made our days even nicer!  We're so thankful that we get this time every year to relax & enjoy our family.  Thank you, Mimi & Pops, for a fabulous trip!
That's all for this year!


AmyB said...

I LOVE your pics! Frame the one of the 3 girls holding hands! So glad you guys get to do this every year! Many memories these kiddos will treasure.

Sharon said...

Such sweet pics!