Saturday, May 26, 2012

See the Little Fishies Swim, Swim, Swim

Jake & Mallory just finished their first session of swimming lessons.  We went with Paige's Swim School in Plano & did classes once a week for seven weeks.  They have really enjoyed the lessons & seem to be picking up several of the basics that Paige worked on with them.

One thing I really liked about this swim school (in addition to the price, which was much better than others I checked into) was the small class size.  Paige only takes four kids for each class & does all of the instructing herself, so each kid gets plenty of one-on-one attention.

That's Jake's little head in front of her as he swims under the water.
Jake, Mallory & our new friend, Cason
Mallory chillin' on "the island," which was a PVC & mesh structure where the kids could wait when it wasn't their turn.
These are blurry since they're from my phone, but here's Ms. Paige with the whole class hanging on for a game of "Tick Tock!"  Mal & Jake loved to jump around & splash on the island while others were having a turn.  This was great except for the time that Jake decided to let go of the bar while practicing going under on his own.  He definitely jumped off of the island & had to be rescued, but Ms. Paige was quick to grab him & all was well.

I'm hoping that we can get in some more lessons once our busy month of June is done.  If you're looking for a swim school in the area, check out Paige's! 

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