Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last week, Beau & I joined some friends at the Arboretum while the big kids were in school to see the Chihuly exhibit.  I'm certainly not on the up and up in the art world; I had no clue who Dale Chihuly was prior to this.  But his sculptures were amazingly beautiful, so now I'm a fan!

Beau & Lainey just happened to call each other before our outing & coordinate their clothing.
Sweet Finley was a trooper & slept through much of our time there.
Now on to the sculptures...

I think these boats were my favorites!
The exhibit will be at the Arboretum until November.  If anyone else wants to take a look, we'd love to come along!


AmyB said...

Yes! How about in October though? :)

Winters said...

Great pictures! and great color coordination, Lainey and Beau :-)