Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sad Day for This Mommy

Even though it's been happening for a while, today confirmed once again that my big boy is just that.  He's no longer a baby or a little kid in any way, shape or form.  Today was his last day to wear a "sweet little boy outfit," as I call them.  Mimi bought him this john john for Christmas.  I saved it for spring since it had shorts & short sleeves, but he's grown so much since he got it that this will be its only wear with this boy.  Contrary to his face in this picture, he actually liked it & was sad to take it off because he liked the trains.

I know this style is not for every mom.  That's okay, I'm sure we all have our list of things we don't go for with our kids' clothing.  But I love, love, love sweet little boy clothes.  However, even I have to admit that Jake just didn't look quite right in them today.  Sigh.
Thankfully, I still have one baby boy who looks rather dapper in this style of duds.  And it will be a long time before twirly skirts, ruffles & big bows are too young for my sweet girl!


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