Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Revision to My Title

No longer just a mom, I'm now officially a "soccer mom."  As Justin said a few weeks ago when we were beginning to juggle practices for two kids on separate teams, "Welcome to chaos!"

Jake's first game was this morning, & he was super pumped.  Here he is with his team, minus one who showed up a little late.
Getting warmed up
Little brother, just trying to stay warm
Team conference with Mr. Erick, his coach
And the part that everyone is willing to participate in - enjoying Capri Suns after the game!
Jake played about half of his first game & then was getting tired & wanted to play on the sidelines with Mallory.  We'll keep working on his staying power!

Mal's game this afternoon was a different story.   After being super excited about her uniform, her team & this game, Mal was too nervous to get on the field.

As you can see in the background of sweet Beau's pic, we spent most of the game like this - Mommy trying desperately to encourage Mal to just try it.
Her coach, Mr. Mario, tried as well but to no avail.  Being the awesome parent that I am, I offered every bribe possible, but she was still having none of it.  Her team actually played most of the game with only three players on the field instead of four because Mal wasn't the only nervous one.  Hopefully more practice will help her comfort level!

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