Monday, March 26, 2012

First ER Visit

My day didn't quite go according to schedule today.  I was supposed to take Beau to the pediatrician for his 12-month visit right after dropping Jake & Mal off at school.  On my way there, I got a call from the preschool director telling me that I needed to come get Jake & take him to see a doctor.  He had tripped in his classroom & fallen into one of the tables, resulting in a nasty cut right at the corner of his right eye.

When I got there, he was still sobbing as he sat in the other director's lap.  She had held pressure on the wound, so the bleeding had stopped for the most part.  After applying a butterfly bandage, we were on our way to see Dr. Denison.  Once there, he decided that the cut was deep enough to require stitches & sent us to Medical City Children's ER.

Justin had met me at the pedi office, so he took Jake on to the hospital while I delivered Beau to my sweet friend Michelle, who was kind enough to take him off my hands for a few hours.

Pitiful boy engrossed in Scooby Doo while he waited for the doctor.  Thank goodness Buzz Lightyear had happened to join us in the car that day!  He provided major comfort!
Getting stitched up was pretty awful, but overall he really handled everything like a champ.  Once they were done, he enjoyed a well-deserved popsicle & received a new walrus stuffed animal from the hospital staff.
Beau was still napping when we were through, so Jake & I got to enjoy a lunch date together before picking him up.  Nothing a little Chick-fil-A won't fix!
Jake has barely missed a beat & even played in his soccer game tonight.  From what I've heard about life with little boys, this may be the first of many trips to the ER.  Hopefully, we can wait a while before going back!

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AmyB said...

Bless him! That's no fun! Glad Daddy was able to join you guys, that always seems to help ;)