Monday, October 17, 2011

Camping Trip Crashers

If anyone is planning a camping trip & would like to add in a little excitement, just call us!  Last weekend, J had to be gone Thursday-Saturday for a work retreat.  I'm usually a trooper about doing the single parent thing, but I hate doing it on a weekend.  As a solution, I invited myself & the kids to join my parents for some camping at Beaver's Bend State Park in Oklahoma.
Don't worry, there were no tents or primitive cooking involved.  We'll do that kind of camping one day, but not yet.  My parents have a motor home, & it was quite full with three adults & three kids, but we had fun!
Jake & Mal were so excited to arrive Thursday evening.  They had told their teacher & all of their friends over & over throughout the day that Mommy was picking them up before nap time to go camping.
We fit a lot of exploring into our two days, collecting all kinds of pine cones, rocks, sticks & leaves.
Though I don't have pictures to prove it, we saw a good bit of wildlife as well:  deer, raccoons, armadillos & a huge tarantula.  Yuck!
In between treks outside, the kids entertained themselves in the floor of the motor home with Nana's alphabet & number cards.
Beau did a lot of chillin'.
We also found a fun, little playground that we could walk to.
When I was growing up, my family went with our church to Beaver's Bend each fall for a family retreat.  We rode this little train each year with our good friends, the Beckmons.  I babysat their girls when they were little & considered them my babies.  The Beckmons (minus Morgan who's away at college) camped with us last weekend, & Mackenzie joined us for my kids' first time on the train.
Jake & "Miss Kenzie," as he calls her
Beau, me & Mallory
Mallory & Nana
Here's me with Morgan & Mackenzie, circa 1999, I believe
Of course, we had to recreate history!  Here's Mackenzie with Beau, Mallory & Jake, 2011.

Beau cuddling with Nana before heading home.  Papa was there too, but somehow he escaped all of my pictures.
Jake & Mallory can't stop talking about camping in "Hokahoma" & have pretended to be Mr. Greg, Mrs. Laurie & Miss Kenzie all week
Thanks, Nana & Papa, for letting us tag along!

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How fun! The first and the last pictures are great :-)