Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beau Harrison at 7 Months

My baby boy is seven months old!  I feel like the last month has come with lots of changes, & he suddenly seems so much older to me.  Before we get to the details, this little photo series from his seven month pics with the hippo chair crack me up.

I am Beau!  Hear me roar!
Louder, you say?  Okay, how's this?
Now that the roaring is out of my system, here's my sweet boy face.
Oh, you wanted smiles?  Why didn't you say so?
Here you go!
King of the mountain!
I save the best smiles for Jake & Mal!
I weighed Beau at home this week, & he's at 16 lb 10 oz.  My long, lanky boy is wearing all of his brother's 12-month hand-me-downs, but can still wear his 9-month summer clothes on warm days.  I have a feeling that his clothes this winter will all be rather baggy, because he's really not that big around, just long.
Beau has some new skills this month, one of which is sitting up unsupported.   Just a week or two ago, it was necessary to keep a Boppy pillow behind him when he sat on the floor to play, but now he can sit for long periods on his own.  When he does lay down, it's a bit more controlled instead of a crashing fall backward.  As you can see here, he's a big fan of his lovies & pacis.  He can put his paci in by himself when he wants to, which is very helpful!
He's almost ready to adding crawling to his repertoire, but hasn't quite done it yet.  Beau can pull himself forward some with his arms while lying on his tummy & has mastered getting up onto his hands & knees.  As soon as he coordinates the movement of those limbs to crawl, I think I'll have a hard time catching him.  He's super fast, even when he's just rolling & scooting!  I often find him like this, stuck under a piece of furniture, trying to figure out how to keep going.
Beau is an eating champ, & loves his meal times!  I gave him Puffs for the first time this week.  It takes him a while to chase them around the tray, but he has successfully gotten some into his mouth & thinks they're wonderful.  He's also starting to sip water from a sippy cup at meals while Mommy holds it for him.
Beau loves the outdoors, whether he's feeling the grass on his toes or going for a stroller ride.  Other favorite activities include being read to, playing with toys on the floor & pretty much anything involving his big brother & sister.  Beau babbles loudly all day long, & has said "Da-da" a few times, so I'm letting Justin count that as his first word.  To my credit, I distinctly heard a "Ma" when he was fussing for me to get him up from his nap yesterday.
Beau Harrison, you are such a ray of sunshine in our family!  We love your sweet personality & your big, gummy grins.  We thank God daily for blessing us with you!

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