Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Girl Stuff

Today was a big day for my big girl for a couple of reasons.  First, she's officially done with nighttime pull-ups!  Mallory has been potty-trained since January, but she was still wearing a pull-up at night "just in case."  She's been consistently dry in the morning for a while, so last night we gave those pull-ups the boot!  What could be better than more time spent wearing princess panties?
Second, my big girl had her first haircut today!  I know it's hard to believe she hasn't had one before now, but her curls have hidden the unevenness well, so it really wasn't necessary.   She's been feeling a little left out of the club, though, when Jake goes to get haircuts, so it was her turn.  Here are her before shots, which Jake insisted on joining.
Her curls hide the true length.  When we comb it out after baths, it reaches almost down to her little hiney!
I wanted this to feel like a special experience for her, so we headed to Sweet and Sassy for her cut.  She oohed & ahhed at all of the sparkly, pink things in the store when we entered.  Here's my sassy diva getting ready for her trim.  There was a monitor playing the movie Madagascar right in front of her, which kept her still & Jake occupied while he waited.
Having so much fun!
Mallory LOVED the end result, complete with a twist on top & glitter spray!
Beautiful girl!
Here's her after shot!  The glitter hearts she got on her cheeks were quite the hit with Miss Mal.
She keeps informing me that she's a big girl.  I can't disagree.  Where did my baby go?

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AmyB said...

Awesome! Makes me want to get a twist in MY hair and some glitter spray! How fun for her!