Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Under Three

Three under three. Our family will have this distinction for approximately three more weeks. I know that many mothers have experienced similar times with their young children, but for us, I can definitely say that these past few months have been more than a little crazy.

Before Beau's arrival, our household certainly had our fair share of chaos. Most families with even one small child have that at least some of the time, & it's probably a given for those with multiples. Even through that chaos, however, I considered myself overall to be fairly organized, productive, efficient & generally "put-together."
Moving to a family of five has challenged all of those things that I believed to be true about myself & has humbled me to admit often that I'm so not "put-together." As much as I love my life, & as much as it is totally what I wanted, I find myself feeling like my head is detached from my body a good percentage of the time.
I suppose it comes with the territory, & I would venture to guess that I'm not alone in my feelings. Still, since I'd prefer not to feel totally scattered for the next eighteen years, I struggle to achieve a good balance. Yes, I know it's not the end of the world if our clothes don't get ironed, or if we miss a night of tooth-brushing or even if I don't get to read quite as many books to each child as I'd like to every day. But the overachiever in me can't resist trying.
I know in my head, & am slowly beginning to learn in my heart, that I just have to turn it all over to God. He has blessed me with these three precious ones, & has charged Justin & I with the task of raising them up for His service. He doesn't make mistakes, so He apparently knew what He was doing in giving them to us. Now I just have to let Him equip me & lead me in this journey.


Lori said...

very well said Allison!

Hattie said...

You are doing a great job, Alli! We love your family very much!

AmyB said...

Nobody could do it better!

Jodi said...

Well said! Girl, you just keep trusting in His plan, hold on, and enjoy the ride!!! NONE of us Moms have it "all together." And those that seem like they do are faking it!!!!!! But I love where your heart is at... thanks for sharing. Love you to bits! And seriously, I could eat your kids with a spoon!!!

Winters said...

I feel that way sometimes with one kiddo, so I could not imagine with three. What blessings they are!