Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beau Harrison at 4 Months

Beau passed the four-month mark on Sunday & had his check-up today. Here are our little man's current stats:
Weight: 14 lbs (25%)
Height: 25.75 inches (77%)
Head: 17 inches (90%)
Obviously, the little man is not so little any more! His percentage on weight came down from last time, but he's still gaining well, so I'm sure he's just evening out to the track he'll be on in the future. He is one long, tall Texan, though! No wonder he's busting out of a lot of his clothes. They all end up being too short in the stride.
Beau really is lots of fun these days! He gives me big grins all day long, laughs & talks, plays with his toys & is generally just a pleasant fellow. He likes his bumbo seat to help him sit up to see his books.
Love that glint of mischief in his eyes!He spends a lot of time on one of his two play mats, & can now pull the toys off if he wants to.The exersaucer, & more recently the jumperoo, have become favorites. He loves for Jake & Mal to push all of the buttons to make the music play & has started figuring out how to do this on his own.Last Sunday, July 3rd, he rolled from back to tummy for the first time, so he can now roll either direction. I see steamrolling as a means of mobility in our near future.
Beau is sleeping at least seven hours at night before waking up to eat, & many nights he makes it all the way through. The doctor said today that he shouldn't need a night feeding any more, so we'll be cutting that out, along with swaddling. I may have some long nights coming as we adjust!

Beau Harrison, we love you & couldn't feel more blessed to have you as a part of our family!

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AmyB said...

Yay on the nixing of the the night feeding!! I'm sure Beau will quickly see the beauty of this milestone too :) can't believe its been so long since I've seen you guys!