Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chew on This

Last Wednesday, I took the kids to McDonald's for the very first time. I know, what deprived children!

I had made it a goal to hold off on the golden arches for as long as possible since I figured we'd eventually end up eating many meals there in their childhood years. But it was the easiest option at the Galleria food court after some time spent in the play area.

They were quite pleased with their chicken nuggets, milk & apples, but Mal did ask,"Now where are the hot fries?". Next time perhaps.

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AmyB said...

I recently took Noah there while he was sick and having to wait to pick up the meds. That was my excuse. :) I, too, planned to wait as long as possible but the options are actually not too bad. And he loved the apples more than the nuggets! :)