Friday, June 3, 2011

Danger is His Middle Name

Justin & I have joked that it will be a miracle if Jake survives to adulthood unscathed. The kid is just a wee bit accident prone. From the time he learned to walk, he's pretty much had a big bruise somewhere on his head or face at all times. In many ways, his fearlessness is a good thing, but it comes at a price.
Case in point: A few weeks ago, Jake fell down an entire flight of stairs at church. We were all heading downstairs after class, & the toe of his boot caught on the edge of the carpeted stairs. I was just a few steps behind, holding Beau, but I was unable to get to him when he started to stumble. I've gotten so used to Jake's antics that he really doesn't scare me too often, but I just had a sick feeling as I watched him tumble head over heels several times before reaching the bottom. It looked like he easily could have broken something from the way he fell, but after many tears, his only battle scar was a carpet burn between his eyes.
Just one day later, he managed to get his finger caught in the car door when we were arriving at school. Again, I feared that something would be broken, but he ended up with just a nasty looking cut on his finger.Jake has recently developed a love for jumping on the couch or his bed, even though this is obviously not allowed. When Justin was explaining to him why we don't do that, he told him the story of how he broke his arm when he was a little boy after falling from the bed he was jumping on. Jake's response was indicative of the challenge we're up against. "I want to break my arm!" Oh dear.


AmyB said...

Hahaha. Love it.

Lori said...

I've had a few scares with my little guy already. I feel for you! There is a certain fearlessness that is just anxiety building about boys. 95% of the time, he rubs the offended spot and just keeps going