Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach Trip Alphabet

In an effort to limit the length of my post about our trip, here it is from A to Z!

At the pool (for Beau's first time)
Big boysCutenessDon't make me go in there!
Ecstatic!Fun in the splash zoneGirls' Night!

House to hold us allIgloo tent for the babiesJumping inKickin' back & relaxing
Loving on babiesMonster cookies - yum!Non-stop sand playOutrageous giggles!
Pretty dolphinsQuiet beachesReading with PopsSnack time
Toes in the sandUnderdressedVery big turtleWaves!
X-tra babysitters (yes, I cheated on that one)Yummy foodZzzzz..............


Hattie said...

What a great idea for a post! I loved it! It looks like you all, and especially the kids, had a great time.

Jodi said...

FABULOUS post! Too too cute. Ok, I'm needing some info on that house... looks AWESOME. Website or something? Or is it a family place?

AmyB said...

Cuteness and creativity. What a great location!

Miranda said...

It looks like such a fun trip!