Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

My dear friend Sharon awarded this honor to me, which means that I am supposed to share 7 things about myself that others might not know. I've done something similar to this in the past, so we'll see if I can come up with original facts. Here we go, in no particular order!
  • My only birth mark is a black streak running through the back of my hair. Every hair stylist I've ever had feels the need to stop & gawk at it for a few minutes after they first notice it. Luckily, it's not on the very top layer, so it blends pretty well.
  • I'm a compulsive organizer when it comes to the pantry, kitchen cabinets, etc. Since I shop at Sam's for many of our groceries, it is not uncommon for my pantry to contain 8-12 of something at a time. I line up all of my green beans, for instance, in a perfect stacked row with labels facing forward. In my bathroom, it bothers me if clean towels go back on the top of the stack after being folded. I prefer that they be put at the bottom of the stack in order to promote equal usage. I know, I know.
  • Up until the week before Christmas, I didn't have a data plan on my phone. No text, no email, no nothin'. It drove me crazy when people sent me text messages (unless they were urgent) because it actually cost me 20 cents, or whatever it was. Now that Justin took pity on me & got me a data plan, I'm probably one of those annoying people that sends a text rather than calling & racks up charges for the small crowd of non-texters of which I was formerly a member.
  • I don't like the color purple. Don't ask me what my particular beef is with that color, because I couldn't tell you, but I've just never been a fan. It just doesn't look that good on me & has never really caught my eye the way other colors do, but I do own one or two things in purple. Poor Mallory very rarely gets purple things because I just usually think the pink version is cuter.
  • I would LOVE to have boy/girl twins again with my next pregnancy. Some might call me crazy, but really it would just be more efficient, don't you think? We own a boy & girl version of everything, two cribs, two car seats, etc. And I've always wanted a big family. Of course, irony will probably prevail & I'll end up with girl twins & it will drive me crazy that all of Mal's hand-me-downs don't have a matching partner.
  • I just tried pistachios for the first time last weekend. They're delicious! I'm not sure how I escaped having this delightful snack for 25 years, but I regret it. I think there are lots of random foods that I don't know whether I like or not just because I never bothered to try them. I'll have to work on that.
  • I have a very mild grade of scoliosis. When I was a cheerleader in high school, my stunt partners kept telling me to stand straight until they figured out that my hips are just crooked & learned to deal with it.
Now don't you feel enlightened? I'll pass my award on to Amy B, Jen M, Hollie E, Cari P, Anna G, Rae B & Jill N.


Jacob said...

I just recently read that if your firstborn are fraternal twins, you are about five times more likely to repeat twinning with the next pregnancy than the general population.

It seems the odds are in your favor.

Kim said...

I am pretty sure I texted you before Christmas--sorry!

And if you have girl/girl twins, I will have tons of stuff for you!!! :)

AmyB said...

I am so sorry for texting you in the past! I don't even think about it anymore, unless the person is um, a bit older. :) Had a really dream about you guys last night!

AmyB said...

That was supposed to be "really wack dream about you".

Miranda said...

I do the same thing with my towels!