Friday, February 19, 2010

18 Month Stats

Jake & Mallory turned 18 months old on Monday! My two big kids keep me very busy every day, but we're having lots of fun!

Enjoying a little spaghetti & oreos - what could be better?! I promise they ate a good helping of spaghetti before I busted out the cookies!
Jake currently weighs 23 lb 2 oz (15%), is 30 inches tall (<5%) and measures at 80% for his head. Poor little short kid. Blame it on the genes! I thought that Jake might have an ear infection this week, but thankfully he didn't. We're going to have his ears checked at 21 months just to make sure that the little bit of fluid that was on one of them hasn't gotten infected, but for now we're okay.

Dr. Denison's comment on his stat sheet said "busy boy." That is the understatement of a lifetime! Jake is constant motion & all boy. He just plows through things & people & is so destructive. I see a lot of ER visits in our future. When he's not wreaking havoc, though, he is also such an affectionate little boy! J & I get lots of hugs & kisses, as does Mallory, even though she likes them a bit less than we do.
Miss Mallory weighs 19 lb 15 oz (<5%) and measures at 80% for her head. I really thought she had passed the 20 pound mark based on an at-home weighing a couple of weeks ago, but not so. This is the first time she has ever been taller than her brother, which just makes her look even skinnier! I promise she eats, but she's just going to be a petite little girl. We have to take her back at 21 months for a weight check, but the doc said as long as she's gaining (even if it's slow), then he's not worried.
Jake has been impressing us with his newly expanded vocabulary lately. He has added "duck," "turtle," "juice," "baby" & "Big Bird" to his list of words, along with countless other things that he hears us say & repeats. "Ya-yo" (Elmo) is still his most frequently used word as he is obsessed with anything pertaining to that little red monster.
Mallory refines her skill of communicating with aliens daily but doesn't say quite as many words that we can actually recognize. We're pretty sure she's multilingual. As mentioned in my earlier post, she's definitely mastered "no" & has also been saying "what's that," "duck" & "bye" lately.
As you can see here, we're continuing to work on using plates, bowls & utensils. Jake is a champ at the spoon as long as he's interested in eating whatever is being served.
Mal holds her spoon like this, with her "pinchers" for those of you who remember those from her early finger food days, so that makes it a bit more difficult to be precise. She does not accept help though, so even if it takes her forever, we've just had to let her figure it out for herself. She's definitely improving!

I'm sure I could think of many more impressive things to tell you about my angels, but I'll stop here. Basically, we think they're perfect & love them so much! We're grateful that God has entrusted them to us & are enjoying watching them become who He made them to be.


Miranda said...

Happy 18 months! Ranger is a shorty too...Jake is in good company!

Hattie said...

I can't believe how quickly they are growing up! Mark and I are entertained by them every time we see them!