Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

What a fun change in the weather we've had lately! This winter has a whole has been just crazy with all of our cold weather. I've really enjoyed it in short spurts, but I'm definitely thankful that we don't have severely cold weather very often. Among other reasons, bundling up kids is exhausting!

I took Jake & Mal out Thursday morning to experience the snow for the first time. Remember, I was the non-fun mom who didn't take them out to play for our white Christmas. Here they are deciding whether or not to venture out of the garage.
Marveling at this cold, white stuff

A blizzard by Texas standards!
The twins just ran around with excited expressions, trying to decide what to think of all of this.

Justin was able to make it home in time to join in the fun. I love this sweet pic of my two favorite boys.
Mommy giving Mallory a lesson in picking up handfuls of snow. She couldn't quite figure out how to operate her hands with mittens on.
Me & my sweet girl
Daddy & Jake
Since Jake didn't own any appropriate footwear for this weather, the snow was getting in under his pant legs & making his ankles cold. Our solution? A pair of Mommy's socks over his shoes & pants. He was still cold, but at least the snow wasn't actually touching his skin.
Here's redneck sledding at its best! Who knew that the canopy from a baby pool float could double as a sled?

Seriously, whose yard is this?

The snow was fun, but now I'm ready for the 60 degree weather that my forecast is promising for Thursday!


Hattie said...

What fun! I do have to admit that I laughed out loud when Jake toppled off of the sled.

Life as a Spencer! said...

So cute!