Friday, September 5, 2008

Who Knew?

In my short time so far as a member of the mommy club, I have certainly learned a lot! Some things aren't too surprising, even though they're new, but other facts are downright shocking. I thought I would share a few things with you. Maybe you already knew them, & I've just been living under a rock.

First of all, a few days after we got home from the hospital, Jake started having lots of eye goop in his right eye. I called the doctor's office & explained the situation to them, & the nurse informed me that a blocked tear duct was to blame. She told me to clean his eye with a damp washcloth whenever necessary and - here's the kicker - to massage breast milk into his eye. Apparently, the "magic mommy milk" helps clear the blockage & takes care of the problem. Surprisingly, it worked! Poor Jake looked pitiful with milk dripped into the corner of his eye, but at least he's not goopy anymore. Who knew?!
Justin & I have both learned a lot about the unbelievable capabilities of our twins when it comes to diaper changes. Mallory likes to poop more after you take her diaper off, especially when Daddy is changing it! She actually shot it about four feet on one occasion. What fun! Surely this sweet girl couldn't do such a thing!
Before having Jake & Mallory, I had no idea that I could function fully on very limited - and thoroughly interrupted - sleep. I have never been a night owl, & I've always needed my full night, but I've really handled the change pretty well. Justin does have some new stories about my crazy sleep habits, though. One night, when a baby started crying, I got out of bed & then turned to the monitor, leaned over, put my finger to my lips & said, "Shhh!" Justin laughed & informed me that the babies could not actually hear me.

We have a lot left to learn, but we're having a great time learning it. Here are a few pics of people who have come to visit recently.

Me & my mom (Nana) with the kiddos:Our sweet friends are continuing to bring wonderful meals three nights a week. Here's Andrea:Courtney:Hattie:

And Karson & Sharon. These two sneaky friends held the babies for a long time & then somehow convinced them both to start screaming right before they were ready to leave. Thanks guys!
Justin's aunt Debbie is staying with us to help right now, which has been wonderful. Uncle David flew her here on Sunday & got to meet the babies. Jake enjoyed seeing what he'll look like in a few decades. Justin looks just like Uncle David, as well as Grandpa, & Jake is following the trend. I'm working on getting baby pictures of all of them to post soon. Here's Uncle David with Mallory:
Aunt Debbie hanging out with Jake:
I'll try to get back to posting more regularly. For some reason, my days seem to slip away from me. I can't imagine why!


Russell and Sarah said...

i definately lauged out loud at the monitor story. Keep those soming, that was great!

martha crockett said...

Your babies get cuter every time I look at your blog! They truly are precious.

Amy Mc. said...

Love the monitor story. It is amazing how these tiny little babies can teach us so much. They are cuties.

Jodi said...

Love the stories! Seems like Mommyhood is really agreeing with you! :) No surprise. Wish they had told me about the breastmilk in the eye thing! R had that goopy eye something AWFUL for a few weeks, but they never told me to put milk in it! Good to know for next time!! (if/when they get the baby acne, breastmilk IS the best cure for that... I'd rub it all over her face and shoulders!)

Barclay Broadcast Co. said...

That cracked me up Alli!!

Amy Wilson said...

LOVE the stories and all the pictures. You continue to look amazing (and I know you can't be getting much sleep!) Your sweet girl "poopy" story reminded me of our first days with Rachel. I was changing her on from the changing table that sits on her pack and play (so I was standing RIGHT in the line of fire so to speak:-) and jumped out of the way when we heard "the sound" Wes was saying "on no...the floor". I was just glad it didn't get me:-) Glad to hear some other sweet angel girl has the same range!