Saturday, August 30, 2008

Such Big Kids!

Jake & Mallory are getting so big (speaking relatively, of course)! They now get to have big kid baths since their cords fell off this week. They actually liked it better than sponge baths & didn't cry very much. I'm sure it's much warmer for them this way. Here's Mallory: And Jake:
We went to the pediatrician yesterday for their two-week appointment, & they are both growing! Jake now weighs 6 lb 2 oz (5th percentile) & is 19 inches long (10th percentile). His head measures in the 15th percentile. They had to get their heels pricked for their PKU screening, & they were NOT happy about that. Look how pathetic his little foot looks with that huge band-aid on it!Mallory gave the nurses her best "Why are you torturing me?" scream. She now weighs 5 lb 3 oz (-3rd percentile) & is 18 1/4 inches long (-3rd percentile). Her head measures in the 8th percentile. Here they are in their cute outfits, ready to go see Dr. Halsell.
Just a cute shot of my three favorite people:Aren't they precious?J & I celebrated our first two weeks' success with a dinner out at Pappasito's. Nana was sweet to watch the munchkins for us. When we got home, we all went for our first walk around the neighborhood with the babies. J & Nana figuring out how it all fits together:
They could hardly contain their excitement!
The Chamblee family of four:
Have a great Labor Day!


Russell and Sarah said...

love the pics! they sure are two little cuties!

Miranda said...

I bet you four were quite a site to see walking down the street! I'm happy the appointments went well!

Newberry said...

They look so cute, and I love seeing all of the pictures! I'm glad they both survived the heel prick. That is so not fun!

Kaela said...

Oh precious babies!!! I just want to eat them for dessert!!

Lainey-Paney said...

I'm a random blogger who stumbled upon your blog.
I just read up on your pregnancy & those super cute babies of yours!
they really look just so sweet!!!
And random: we got to the same pediatrician office. So does a coworker of mine, and so does another mom I know. Dr.Halsell has seen our little guy once, and she was soooooo nice!