Friday, August 22, 2008

One Week Old!

Jake & Mallory are one week old! We decided to take their pictures each month with this teddy bear so we can see how much they've grown, but I wanted to also do pictures at one week to give us an idea of where we started. My friend Hattie put this bear in the center of the diaper cake she made for my shower, & it is the perfect toy for growth pictures. Here's the "group shot."
Jake Thomas:
Mallory Claire:
We went to see Dr. Halsell yesterday for their first visit with the pediatrician. They wanted to see them this week just to make sure that feeding was going well & that they're gaining weight. Mallory weighs 4 lb 12.5 oz, so she is back over her birth weight, which is great. Jake is at 5 lb 10 oz, which was his discharge weight from the hospital. The doctor wasn't concerned that he hadn't gained any more since he's eating well & has the right number of dirty diapers each day. We're hoping that he'll be at his birth weight by their two week appointment.

I have lots more fun things to post, but for now, I'll leave you with a cute diaper picture.


Hayley said...

So sweet. Hope all is going well at home. I think of you guys often!

Hattie said...

Those pictures are adorable!

Amy Mc. said...

They are so cute. Things sound like they are going well.
Dr. Halsell is Layton's pedi in Dallas. She is great.

Rachel said...

Hey Allison! I finally found your blog through Sparky and Sarah's, and I've been catching up. I was so excited to hear when they were born and that everything has gone so well for you, and now I've finally seen the pictures! They are precious! What a blessing.