Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Love LOVE!

Jake & Mallory were very into Valentine's Day this year, & anticipated their class party with much excitement.  I think that poor Mrs. Meagan had to answer the question "Is it party time?" quite a few times throughout the day.  Grammy was gracious enough to keep Beau all day so I could focus on the big kids.  I attended chapel with them in the morning, set up for the party while they were in music & then got the party started about 1:00.

Waiting patiently for party time while being distracted with a game of memory
Sweet school friends - I can't believe I got all eight smiling! (Well, almost.  Jake isn't really smiling, but he's at least looking.)
Each kid got to decorate a shoe box to hold their valentines, & then everyone delivered the goodies they'd brought for their classmates.
Looking through the loot while snacking on strawberries, pink fruit dip & pretzel sticks that they'd dipped in white chocolate & sprinkles
Our party game was musical chairs, & I think it was everyone's first time to play.  Most of them did surprisingly well with the concept of having to be "out," but we did have one crier.
We love Mrs. Meagan & will miss her so much when her maternity leave starts in a couple of weeks!
V-Day was celebrated at home on the 14th with cranberry muffins for breakfast & new red & pink clothes.  Then it was off to Mother's Day Out, equipped with heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch.  We had dinner as a family that night & finished off the day with heart brownies.

Can't you tell they love each other?
Poor Beau.
That's better!  I love these three sweeties!  Hope your day of love was lots of fun!

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