Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beau Harrison at 11 Months

Beau is just one month away from the one year mark!  My sweet boy is growing & changing so much.  I have to remind myself to stop & enjoy him at this age before it's gone!

The little man now weighs in at approximately 20 pounds, & my arms can testify to that fact.  In that sense, I'm ready for him to walk so I can lighten my load!
At 10.5  months, we had to start supplementing with formula to keep up with this boy's appetite.  He is now totally on formula & takes bottles at breakfast, lunch, late afternoon & bedtime.  This switch seems to have helped his sleeping at night, which is nice for everyone!  He goes to bed at 8 pm & usually gets up around 7 am.

Most days, Beau is a nap champ & takes two good naps for me, totaling around 3-4 hours.  His vocabulary continues to expand, even though much of it is babbling.  He has said "Jake" a few times, though, & yesterday I heard a "nigh-nigh" when I was putting him to bed.
My speedy little crawler can get across a room in no time at all & is pretty good at finding things to get into.  An open refrigerator, freezer or pantry motivate his quickest moves.  He's always so disappointed when the door closes!  Beau has started letting go of furniture & standing unassisted for short periods of time.  When given anything that he can push, he runs as fast as those little legs will let him.

He loves music & will dance to just about anything.  He's also big on head bobbing - so cute!
Beau recently mastered getting snacks out of a snack cup, which he's very proud of.  Yesterday in the grocery store, he also managed to get the lid off of the snack cup.  Not cool. 
We're looking forward to celebrating Beau's birthday in just a few weeks.  We love our sweet, funny boy!

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