Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beau Harrison at 10 Months

My baby is ten months old!  Seriously, double digits?  I'll admit that I'm not really ready for my littlest one to have a birthday, but I suppose I can't do anything about it.  Despite wishing that time would slow down a bit, we are having a ton of fun with Beau at this age!
A little 10-month photo shoot for your viewing pleasure...
Developing quite the temper!
Beau weighs around 18 pounds & is growing like a weed.  He keeps getting longer way faster than he gains weight, though, so he usually sports some saggy pants.  Cute little thug. :)  Here he is in the middle of one of his current favorite pastimes, pushing his siblings' plasma cars around.  When he gets behind the car & pushes, he can really boogie!
My little man isn't ready to walk yet, but he cruises like a champ & has stood for a few seconds on his own a couple of different times.  Beau loves to give high fives, plays peek-a-boo, fake coughs & sneezes, nods his head yes & can say a few words.  His latest are "uh-oh" & "Papa."
This pic on the left was the first time he has ever "cheesed" for a picture.  What heart wouldn't melt from that smile?  Mr. Smarty Pants has figured out how to be charming & is starting to use that charm to test the boundaries a bit.  He laughs hysterically when heading for the fireplace or stairs because he knows he's not supposed to.  Dropping food off of his high chair tray is also a great joke in his opinion.
As I mentioned, my sweet boy can spark a nasty temper.  He takes after his sister in that regard.  His pouty lip it totally pitiful, he can scream louder than any kid I've heard & he has taken to throwing his head back in a full body arch when he doesn't like what you're doing.  Good thing he's cute.

Beau continues to love food & will try anything.  Here he is after his first spaghetti dinner.  Favorites right now include bananas, green peas, broccoli, red grapes & anything with ground beef.
He has also come to love dill pickles!
We love our lively little boy!

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