Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a good thing he's so cute!

Jake gave me one of my more trying moments as a parent this morning. Even though we had a busy day planned, I decided to take the kids to the Arboretum this morning to get their picture made with live bunnies. They only do this on Mondays & Tuesdays in March & there just aren't that many days that will work for us, so I saw this as my chance.

After waiting in line for over an hour, all the while wrestling Jake to keep him from running away, we finally made it to our turn. As I led the kids over to the little bench that they were to sit on, Jake freaked out & started crying uncontrollably. I'm not really sure why; maybe the photographer just scared him. Despite my best efforts, he refused to calm down, so the picture we'll be receiving in the mail will show a smiling Mal & a sobbing Jake. Sound familiar? That's right, just like their Santa pictures.

To top this off, they didn't even have a bunny in the picture because the bunny had bitten a kid early in the line, so the photographer nixed the bunny from the photo scene. I was already a bit uncomfortable in the presence of the very polished moms standing around me in line, & my screaming child did little to ease this. By the time we made it to the car, I was crying right along with him. It's a good thing he's so adorable, or he might not be able to pull off stunts like this & still steal my heart with a grin thirty minutes later.

My sweet boy having some reading time with Daddy


AmyB said...

Poor Mommy & Jake! Don't worry, I am completely confident that you were equally as polished as the other moms. :)

Cari and Logan said...

Oh, Alli! I wish I'd known. I was at the Arboretum this morning too. Wish I coulda helped you corral, distract, etc. You are a SUPERMOM in every sense of the word. Don't you forget it!

JT said...

Oh, girl! I have been in that spot more than I can count...and mostly when I only had ONE! :-) The polished moms were probably thinking .... that was me yesterday. :-) You are a great mom! A little tears just mean you have a good soft heart!

Hattie said...

I'm so sorry! I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been. Don't ever worry about the other mothers around you because you are an amazing mom! You and Justin have two wonderful kids. Your family has continually blessed our lives.

Miranda said...

That is so exhausting! We've all been the mom with the screaming kid in public, so I totally understand!