Wednesday, October 7, 2009

King (& Queen) of the Mountain

New discoveries & experiences are a part of daily life here at our house now that we have two walking, running toddlers. It certainly keeps life interesting! Our latest fascination: climbing! As we were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner a few nights ago, I looked over to see this little monkey. This was the first time either of them had made it up onto the bottom shelf of the green thing in our kitchen. It hasn't happened since then, but Jake was pretty proud of himself!

Mallory also wowed us with her climbing skills last week as she proceeded to push my little red kitchen stool up against a cabinet, climb onto it & reach around on the counter above to see what she could find. We were standing right there near her, so we just watched these events unfold, but we failed to have a camera handy.

Climbing stairs is a popular activity around here, too. You would think it would lose its charm, but they seem just as excited about it each of the multiple times a day that we do it. Mommy's arms & back enjoy the break!

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