Thursday, May 1, 2008

Young Marrieds' Retreat

Two weekends ago, we went to Camp Deer Run with other couples from our Sunday school class for a weekend retreat. Camp is my favorite place to be, so I'm pretty easy to please when I get to be there. Sarah & I even got one of Scarecrow's great hugs when he stopped in to say hello on Saturday morning. Side hugs are best when hugging two very pregnant women. :)

Here are some of the girls preparing breakfast. Notice the lack of men in the kitchen. They were perfectly content to drink their coffee & try to wake up as they slowly filtered into the mess hall.

Our retreats center mostly around food, so it's always a good time. A few of our members that are parents also got a little break to relax while the kids went to the grandparents' house for the weekend. The other highlight is always the horshoe tournament. I'm really pretty terrible, but it's always fun. Justin did play one game with me as his partner, but he much prefers the other guys who have gotten ringers more than once or twice in their lives.
This picture of Sarah in action is one of my favorites from the weekend. Such a graceful toss!

Haylee, Miranda, Sarah & I played a game together. Haylee attempted to squat for the group pic since the rest of us are vertically challenged, but we probably should've gone for more of a close-up to hide that fact. Oh well!

Saturday night we built a campfire & had hot dogs & s'mores. What was fun when you were twelve is still great as adults! J, Chad & Stephen did a great job leading our small group discussions throughout the weekend. It was a great time of fellowship & strengthening relationships.


Jodi said...

Looks soooooooo fun!!

loricatherine said...

Retreats are such a blessing for time with God and fellowship with others!

Russell and Sarah said...

Thank you for posting that graceful picture of me. I was doing the best I could!

Kim said...

It was fun! So I am piggybacking your blog since I didn't get any pictures :D