Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chamblees on the Move

Remember that time about a year and a half ago when I said I was going to return to blogging? Remember how that lasted through about two postings? This attempt may end similarly, but one can always hope...
Big changes are on the horizon in the Chamblee household. In fact, I can't quite believe that we're embarking on this journey since I am generally a person who doesn't welcome change of any kind, especially when it's huge!
This year will mark a decade that Justin has spent working for The Coker Group, a healthcare consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia.  On some level, we've known for ten years that his job could eventually require a move to the peach state, but it seemed a far-off possibility. So we've built a life here in Dallas, acquiring along the way the best friends we could have hoped for, and watching our babies grow like weeds. This was the first family picture we took after moving into our current home seven years ago.  Jake & Mal weren't even crawling yet!
In light of recent changes in Justin's role at work, we made the decision last month that we would be picking up our lives and moving to Atlanta this spring. Our house here will be listed within the next couple of weeks, and then we will be traveling east to search for a home there. We hope we'll be able to push closings out until May to allow the kids to finish up as much as possible of their activities & schooling here.
I have now learned the true meaning of the word bittersweet.
We are thankful for Justin's continued work with Coker, and we're thrilled to be moving within a few miles of his family. There are so many things about our move that excite me, and we have the spark of adventure in our eyes as we make plans. At the same time, leaving our home here, and particularly our family & friends in Texas, is beyond difficult. I will always, always, always be a Texas girl, and there's simply so much that I'll miss.
Even so, we greet this new chapter of our lives with joy & hope of what God has in store for us in Georgia! We sought His counsel first & foremost as we made this decision. All along, everything seemed to point toward this being the direction we should take. We're confident that He will bless us and use us in Atlanta, just as He has in Dallas.


The Lugar's said...

We live in Atlanta and love it!!! Prayers for your adjustment and happy to have some more ACU folks in the Southeast! Please reach out if I can help in any way.

AmyB said...

Love you so. Once a Texas girl, always a Texas girl. I've found it must be the only state that won't wash out of your blood. I don't ever stop missing it and knowing I'll be back one day. I've also found that God speaks the loudest when I step out of my comfort and take a leap of faith. It's totally worth it!