Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jake & Mallory!

 Each year, I note that time flies when raising kids, & I think I won't be surprised when the next year goes by quickly as well.  But the next year doesn't fly just as the past one has - it seems to pick up the pace even more.  It's hard to believe that my babies are five years old!

We began the morning of their actual birthday with a little surprise for each of them & some birthday donuts.  I think Jake liked his Mike toy!
This is classic Mallory, basking in the spotlight as we sing to her.
Her new Tinkerbell had to be laid aside for the hard work of blowing out candles.
After going to the movie theater to see Planes, the fun continued once Mimi, Pops & Gigi arrived.
They're now equipped to travel in style!
Sweet hugs for Gigi
I love this pic of us with our big 5-year-olds!
When birthdays happen in August, it's hard to have an outdoor party unless it involves water.  Both kids like my suggestion of a splash park, & each of them picked a theme for party decor.  My Little Pony for Mal!
Star Wars for Jake!
It was a fun morning & actually turned out to be much cooler than I had expected so the adults didn't suffer in the heat while the kids played!
Happy birthday, Jake & Mallory!