Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a Week!

I feel like I've run a marathon this week, and it's only Thursday afternoon.  It definitely hasn't been an all-bad week, just chaotic & full of unexpected things.  So under the weight of the week thus far, I'm feeling the need to write, to document reality instead of just the awesome stuff.  And doing so always helps me to be thankful & find joy in the craziness.

Sunday was busy with church, lunch with friends, naps squeezed in for the kids & watching Jake's soccer game.  As we enjoyed a bit of unscheduled time at home that evening, Jake's "bad guy" playing got a bit too physical, & Mallory ran into the kitchen wailing that he'd hurt her.  We determined from both their accounts of the event that he had grabbed & twisted her arm, but a quick exam by me & J didn't turn up any evidence of damage.  Jake was reprimanded, he apologized, & we went on with the evening.  It wasn't until Mal was up throughout the night crying & refused to use her left arm Monday morning that I thought we needed to see the doctor.  So after taking the offender to school, I headed with Beau & Mal in tow to the pediatrician.  A few hours & several x-rays later, the diagnosis was no broken bones but a dislocated elbow.  A quick but painful manipulation by the doc fixed her right up & she's now good as new.  Jake is serving out his sentence of doing Mal's chores for her this week "while her arm heals."
Having my Monday taken up with doctor visits was not my original plan, but I figured I could take care of the errands I hadn't accomplished on Tuesday during my kid-free hours after ladies' class.  Wrong.  Beau started feeling feverish Monday afternoon & then started complaining that his tongue hurt.  I first thought he had just bitten it, but no such luck.  The little red dots that appeared that evening on his legs clued me in:  hand, foot & mouth disease.  Lovely.  Beau has been a bear for the last two days, my sleep has been interrupted and abbreviated, & Jake now has this virus as well, courtesy of Little Brother. 
 Mal got to go school today, but Jake had to miss out.  Small group couldn't meet at our house last night due to this current plague.  And even though our dear friends Karson & Sharon have been staying with us all week while their floors are replaced, it hasn't exactly been the scene I was anticipating.  I had looked forward to this time with them to have our kids get to know each other & enjoy playing together.  Instead, we've tried to live in close proximity while not letting my kids anywhere near her kids.
 But even with all this, if I stop myself to look at the bigger picture, we are so blessed.  I always know this, of course, but sometimes in the mess of life, I forget.  Tell me I'm not alone in this!  In the midst of the chaos this week, there has been plenty of good.  Jake scored two goals at his game, totally face-planting in the dirt to achieve one of them.  Sharon & I have had some great conversations & way more face time than we ever get since we normally live 45 minutes apart.  It's been fun to have her & Karson join us for several family meals, including one awesome one that they cooked.  Kids who've needed soothing have allotted me extra cuddles.  And in the grand scheme of things, a dislocated elbow & a couple cases of hand, foot & mouth disease really aren't that huge.  I think the trick to getting through the not-so-perfect weeks is to acknowledge that these momentary things really do feel like the weight of the world right now, and then to give thanks for them anyway.  Thank you, Lord, for these reminders.

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