Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Fourth of July

In honor of Independence Day this year, we headed to my hometown of Paris, Texas for their fireworks display on the 3rd.  After a great meal with everyone at my parents' house, we headed to the football stadium to watch the show.  Beau didn't seem to mind at all that it was past his bedtime, & had a great time running all over the place.  Here he is with Uncle Kent during one of the few times he sat down.
The fireworks were beautiful, & the weather was perfect!  Mal was totally in awe.  It wasn't until the show was almost over that she turned to Justin & asked, "What's that sound?"  I guess she hadn't noticed the booming of each firework until then because she'd been caught up in watching them!
This was the first year that any of the kids have gotten to stay up for fireworks, & they all did so well!  No one was scared & since we had plenty of family around to entertain them, no one got cranky.  Success!

Mom & me in our matching flag shirts
One of my parents' cats had new kittens, so we brought one inside for a little snuggling.  This picture may be funny to those who know me well & know that, as an adult, I am NOT a cat person!  We always had outdoor cats when I was a kid since we lived in the country, & I've decided that's the only way I like them.  No cat hair in the house, no litter boxes, no animals on my furniture - much nicer!  But who can resist one this tiny & sweet?
We're going to have to work on Beau's ability to be gentle when petting!
Jake & Nana lined up & waiting for the parade to start downtown
The kids loved the parade, & there was plenty of candy to be collected from the street.  They came home with quite the haul!
Jake took his candy gathering very seriously.
Enjoying the spoils
We headed back home after lunch & spent the rest of the holiday just hanging out together.  J put together the kiddie car wash, & fun was had by all!
Happy 4th!

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