Monday, March 10, 2014

Beau Harrison is 3!

Just a few moments ago, this was my life.  This precious little 7 lb 3 oz miracle was in my arms.  That tiny, squishy, adorable bundle was snuggled up with me as I soaked up every detail of him.
For me, Beau will always be my miracle baby.  I know of many families who have faced far more serious circumstances through pregnancy & as they welcomed their children into this world.  But for us, seeing a perfectly healthy baby boy after months of wondering if he would be okay, was truly miraculous.  
Throughout my pregnancy, Beau's sonograms showed his bowels to be echogenic, which just means they showed up brighter than his other organs.  This could have been an indicator of many terrible things, but we were able to rule several of the big ones out with testing.  The doctor said that it was likely just some blood that he had swallowed in the womb & wasn't cause for concern.  Still, I wondered if it truly would be nothing.  I can see now how God used that time to give my patience & strengthen my faith in Him.  
I give him all the glory for the precious, perfect boy that we received.
In the operating room on the morning he was born, we got to see even more evidence of God's protection for our sweet one.  The doctor showed us a fist-sized knot in Beau's umbilical cord.  Thankfully, the knot was loose and hadn't restricted his blood supply.  I'm thankful for that little detail in Beau's story because it reminds me of just how blessed we are each time a healthy baby is born.
All that was just a moment ago, then somehow my baby turned one year old...
then two years old...
and today he is a big three-year-old.  My kids birthdays don't make me sad, but I do tend to become a bit nostalgic.  Because really, I blinked and three years flew by.   I used to laugh a bit and maybe even roll my eyes at those parents who warned me about how quickly time would fly with my kids.  Sure, I thought, even though this day has lasted ten years, I'm sure the next eighteen years will just fly right on by.  Sure.  In just five and a half years of parenting, I've discovered the horrifying truth that they were right.  In fact, I've even become that annoying parent on several occasions, warning newbies to treasure every moment.

So I do miss that tiny, squishy baby that I held three years ago.  But I'm also having a blast with this funny, sweet & often ornery little boy.  I love you, Beau Harrison, and I feel so blessed to have been given the job of being your mommy.

The birthday boy chose pancakes for breakfast on his special day.  He also got to open his present from his two best buddies, a new Transformers toy.  Thank you hugs!
A bit somber, but I think he enjoyed his requested pancakes
Make a wish!
Now it's off to see The Lego Movie for a birthday treat!